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Online Marketing

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    Web Analytics

    Modern Google tools allow us to measure, report and draw conclusions based on the traffic of your webpage. By interpreting those informations professionally we can help you improve not only the efficiency of the marketings actions, but also the decision-making process, so important for the development of your business.

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    Google Adwords Campaigns

    Thanks to tailor-made Google Adwords campaigns, your advertisement will reach the potential customers in the exact moment they are looking for a product or service. Together we will set the goals you would like to reach, and present you the best and most efficient strategy. The effects of the advertisements will be visible instantly, as more users will reach your website generating a higher revenue for your business.

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    SEO Campaigns

    A website with even the most interesting and original content is often not enough to be successful and profitable. In order to reach the target audience it is important to make yourself visible and findable among thousands or even millions of similar websites. For this purpose a skilled optimization and a professional SEO campaign is fundamental.

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    Your business on Social Media

    Facebook and other social media make it possible to reach precisely the target audience and provide many advertisement options. By improving the social media activities and implementing targeted marketing campaigns, you might save lot of money and reach the right group of customers, who are interested in your product or service.

Internet Solutions

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    Website design

    Our websites are effective and user oriented. Each one of them is a new project developed according to the individual needs which make them not just attractive, but also well-functioning and easy-to-use.

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    An appealing and functional online shop is essential for every profitable online business in the world wide web. We will design and develop an e-commerce solution according the contemporary tech trends – easy to maintain and end-user friendly.

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    Content management

    CMS system will allow you to easily update the created website or online shop. It will significantly simplify the work effort and make your web site definitely more efficient.

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    Company blog

    A blog, which is a great opinion building tool, should be creditable a professional. More and more customers are looking for reliable information on blogs. Having a company blog is a great supporting tool to create a positive company image and a new promotion technique.


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    Mobile apps

    We develop and design business mobile applications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone according to your needs and specification. The main advantages of such applications are the accessibility and functionality. Thanks to them important informations and functions are available to your customers and you can stay in close touch with them.

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    Internet apps

    Internet applications, sometimes called also web or network apps, will support you and your business. We develop anything from simple content management systems and CRM / ERP frameworks to complete, tailor-made applications.

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    Website and app customization

    In the fast paced internet environment it is necessary to constantly adapt and update your website to the newest standards. We do it for you using for example: CSS, PHP, JS.

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    Wordpress plugins

    Among the offered coding services, we create WordPress plugins according to your needs and specifications. Our programmers will gladly assist you with any project.

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    Creative solutions and tools

    By offering ready solutions we improve the management of your business. If we don’t have a ready application for you, we will create it!

Our Customers

We work for many companies and institutions. Huge and small ones. Below a few of them… of course we like all of them ;)

We look after your business in the internet

Internet. Marketing. Technologies. Strategy. Tactics.

Internet – a medium which changed our world. But also areas like education, development, business. And the relations among people, between people and business, between businesses. Every, even the smallest company (not to mention the big ones) tries to figure to out how to efficiently use the web. For what reason? Progress. Adjustment. Expansion. Achieving best results. This all by creating a positive image, by effective usage of the available online sales channels and customer acquisition techniques.

However not every business is familiar with proficient use of all possibilities offered by today’s marketing mix in the world wide web. Some heave surely heard about SEO, SEM, Adwords, Leads, Social Media, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn campaigns or target mailing… But not all have mastered how to do it, or to put it simply – how much will it cost to reach the customer and how to acquire them. We do know!

That’s why there is UDI. We’ve got the skills. We’ve got the power. We know how. We dedicate our time and effort, so that our customers can concentrate on their business. Regardless the size, from big stock corporations to small local businesses – we have the proven formula: we have the knowledge how to gain New Customers. How to increase sales. How to change, or usually – improve, the image.

Say yes to internet marketing outsourcing. You don’t have to worry anymore about recruitment, learning the abilities or gaining the experience. We already have it all. Therefore we can make it better and cheaper.

We pursue your goals. We will prepare a strategy, choose a policy best suited for your business and execute it every day.


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